The automatic winding machine is a product with a specific purpose, which is used in food industry for winding the hose to the plastic or cardboard coils.

Winding machine consists of three major parts: the automation control box, construction made of pipes, motor for stacking the hose and motor-reducer to run the rotating rollers.

Automation control box is used to control the machine and process control of winding the hose to the coils. Inside the control box there is a PLC, touch screen for setting the parameters and it also provides insight into the current state of the machine.

The frequency inverter is used to run the motor-reducer and allow the motor torque control, which prevents shooting of the hoses.

The construction is made of metal pipes and rotating parts.

Motor-reducer is used for running the rotating parts, while the motor for stacking the hose is used for uniformly stacking the hose on coils.

The machine has two rotating rollers, on which the coils are placed. Basically, while the first roller winds, the second (already wound) coil wraps the stretch film, takes it off and prepares a new (empty) coil. It provides alternating operation, or continual operation of the machine and increase productivity.

NOTE: We are able to produce winding machines for different purposes. Please, feel free to contact us. If you have any specific needs or wishes regarding our products, we are more than willing to fulfill your requirements.


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