We perform maintenance of many product lines in the fields of electronics and pneumatics, as well as maintaining electric motor production lines. We develop mechanical parts necessary for the industrial production, and maintain machines in graphic, processing and mechanical industry.

Years of experience in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, automation, mechanic and pneumatic gives us the ability to maintain machines and complete system in the process industry efficiently, quickly and reliably, with an emphasis on high quality. It is the effective engineering solutions alongside with the installation of high quality equipment that makes our company a leader in the field of automation, control, measurement and regulation of the industry. Accordingly, our company can professionally undertake any overhaul of equipment and machines. One of our goals is to make any system, machine or plant, highly-functional, efficient and at the same time simple and easy to maintain.

Due to the fact that we use the latest software packages, measuring and control equipment and that we can design and produce mechanical parts, we can easily transform and upgrade the old systems into modern cutting-edge automated systems. Needless to say, this upgrading will inevitably increase capacity and productivity, and it will lead to greater efficiency and lower consumption of energy and it will shorten production time.


ATM Machine Workshop:

  • turning ( niversal Lathes and (C)NC Lathes)
  • milling (Universal Milling Machines)
  • metal bending (mechanical press 2 m wide, up to 5 mm of material thickness)
  • metal shears (3 m working length and up to 5 mm thickness of material)
  • welding (MIG-REL-TIG, Spot)