Each Big Bag packaging line is carefully handled to grant the reliability of the constant output.

There are several feeding and weighing systems so as to pack different materials,
such as: sand, fertilizers, seeds, granulated plastic, etc.

A large variety of accessories complete the machine making it suitable for the product specifications.

The hopper and filling station are made of stainless steel. The supporting construction is made of carbon steel painted with high chemical resistance dye.

On the top of the construction, a platform is installed for maintenance purposes.


  • Filling capacity/ duration of 1 cycle (formation of the bag, dosing of the material, transfering of the full bag from the filling spot): 30-40 seconds (depending on the type of the material and the volume of bags)
  • Volume of bags: 500, 600, 1000, 1200, and 1500 kg
  • Number of bag handles: 1 loop big bag, 4 loop big bag
  • Hopper volume: up to 12 m3
  • Hopper loading: by telescopic handler, elevator or crane
  • Elevator capacity: up to 60 t/h
  • Construction material (all parts in contact with artificial fertilizers): INOX steel/ stainless steel
  • Control board: robust industrial design with touchscreen


  • By place of exploitation: for indoor use, for outdoor use
  • By hopper loading: by elevator, by telescopic handler, by crane
  • By measurement method: scales integrated into the conveyor, measuring in the hopper



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  • Linije za pakovanje - ATM Lazić doo Novi Sad: Automatika, Telekomunikacije, Merenja

    Big bag packaging line

  • 25-50 kg linija za pakovanje

    25-50 kg packaging line

  • Mobilna big bag jedinica

    Mobile big bag unit

  • Manual big bag

  • Valve bag packing machine

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  • Linije za pakovanje - ATM Lazić doo Novi Sad: Automatika, Telekomunikacije, Merenja

    Packaging machines

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