ATM Lazić Ltd. Novi Sad - Automation, Telecommunication, Measurement

ATM Lazić Ltd. Novi Sad – Automatization of machinery and industrial plants

The private company ATM Novi Sad was founded on April, 15th 1993 in Novi Sad by Mr. Mladen Lazić, BSc in electrical engineering. The acronym ATM in the company name stands for Automatics, Telecommunications and Measurement.

Since the foundation of our company our product assortment and the range of services we offer have been widened with the development of the products in the field of mechanical engineering and pneumatics, i.e. the accompanying equipment and constructions necessary for the development of dosing conveyors and other products. We have extensive experience in the field of industrial electronics and the application of cutting edge technical and automatized systems (graphic industry, artificial fertilizers, asphalt production plants, etc).

Recently we have developed high-quality fluorescent lightning, which meets the E10.2 standard. We have also developed a high-functional digital manometer for blowing tires with high accuracy, equipped with an associated pressure sensor. We have many years of experience in manufacturing silo cables and multiplexers that receive data from a temperature sensor.

In addition, we focus intently on the production of manual and automatic packaging machines. The whole system is based on the work of our team, from making mechanical parts and pneumatics to complex software solutions.

Given the fact that this equipment meets CE standard, a large number of packaging machines is exported to neighboring countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

However, our main business activity is automatization of machinery and industrial plants, using modern solutions in the field of automation and process management. A large number of references in this field indicate the trust that we have with the existing clients, but we also gain confidence of new clients.

That is only a part of the products and activities we offer, the whole range can be viewed in details on the page Products.

Our professional team is constantly coordinating its work with the latest technical innovations in the process industry in order to provide adequate solutions that will meet our customers’ requirements.

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